Fresco Workshop with iLia Fresco (Anossov)

Fresco Workshop with iLia Fresco (Anossov)

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July 21 – August 4, 2019

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about the retreat

 Workshop with renowned fresco master and director of the Fresco School, artist iLia Fresco (Anossov), and a focus on studying the details of both wall and panel preparation as well as classic fresco and sgraffito techniques. In addition, students will further their understanding of the perspective, value range principals, and the verdaccio under painting and its consequent effect on the painting process.  

In the course of the two-week workshop, students will create at least, one small-scale work, individually exploring the buon fresco and sgraffito technique and one group “fresco bodega” project - an eight by four foot wall fresco in the buon fresco technique, which will be adorned with classic sgraffito elements. Students will explore classic techniques of buon frescosgraffito, preparatory stages and final wall painting stage.

The unique structure and location of ICA will allow us to travel to distinct locations in Italy as day trips in order to view masterworks in techniques of various schools, in order to illuminate and inform our hands-on projects. During this workshop we will travel to Pompeii, Ravenna and Florence.

Enrollment for the course is limited so please register early.

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  • Single, or double occupancy accommodation in our 14th century convent building or in apartments

  • Airport transfer aboard our private busses from and to the Rome/Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport

  • Pick up welcome service and assistance with baggage and farewell service at the airport

  • 24/7 access to our buildings and bi-lingual support

  • Three gourmet meals per day, with wine at lunch and dinner while in Monte Castello 

  • Excursions as identified below: Florence, Ravenna, Pompeii

  • Space for workshops 

  • An introduction to Fresco School Life Time Membership and apprenticeship program with access to the current iLia Fresco (Anossov) large scale fresco projects

  • All fresco materials, tools for use during classes (Participants must bring their own brushes, however, special fresco brushes- as well as other materials -  are available for purchase. 

  • End of the session exhibition in our gallery

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About the Instructor

iLia is one of the very few artists in the world who are considered masters of the art of traditional fresco painting. His extensive knowledge of the techniques of this unique art form are much admired and sought out. He has been widely exhibited in Russia, Europe and the United States. His commissions include large-scale frescoes and murals in private homes as well as public areas around the world. iLia is the founder of the Fresco School and he has been teaching fresco painting at the Fresco School, Otis College of Art & Design, Getty Institute and other venues since 1996.

Required forms

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Week 1
We will spend first week preparing plasters (specific to each layer of fresco), learning tools and materials, recreating the cartoons, making color studies and assigning the parts student will be responsible for in the upcoming week. Students will be able to take home the studies that were created by them during the first week.

Week 2
Using the knowledge, practice and study we will complete eight by four foot fresco working as a team "bodega".  The completed fresco will remain at the ICA, however, you are welcome to come next year to learn "strappo" (fresco removal technique) and take it off the wall.

Included Excursions

We will travel to Pompeii in order to explore specific fresco techniques used by Romans, as well as the details of the "marmorino" layer of plaster-system used in Pompeii. The group will compare this to the terracotta (hydraulic lime) based lime fresco plaster used by their Etruscan contemporaries. 

We will also visit Ravenna in order to observe techniques as practiced in Byzantium and presently in the Orthodox Christian tradition as well as the details of wall and panel preparation. Students will consider specific methods of applying color and painting principles of the "canon" as well as discover merging points and crosspollination with Italian frescoes.

In Florence, we will look at one-layer and two-three layer classic sgraffito systems with lime-paint and plaster top coats as well as masterworks in the exterior classic buon fresco tradition and its combination with sgraffito.