International Center for the Arts

For over 25 years, the Italian village of Monte Castello di Vibio has welcomed some of the most respected artists and thinkers in the world.


The village of Monte Castello has hosted students and teachers from professional art schools, colleges and universities for over 25 years. As a result, the community has established a legacy of excellence in the arts and humanities and has provided a warm welcome to visitors from around the world. 

In partnership with that community, the International Center for the Arts is privileged to build upon this legacy in offering retreats throughout the year that include workshops, festivals, seminars, culinary classes, sommelier courses and more.

We invite artists, writers, scholars, lifelong learners, and all those who desire to learn about the rich cultural traditions of Italy, to experience its extraordinary historical treasures and to savor its natural beauty. Work with us, study with us, join a community of thinkers and doers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Come and share the perspective of our hilltop village—immerse yourself in a side of Italy rarely seen by visitors. Experience Italy the way Italians do: savor its traditions and expand your mind and heart.